Friday, 30 December 2011

MDA1800 Assignment 8 - Plautus' Aulularia or The Pot of Gold

Every morning Emilliano wakes up, and before he goes to sleep at night, he gazes upon a ring, protected by a shiny black case, which sits upon an old wooden dressing table in the corner of his dark, humid room. It obviously poses some strong meaningful attachment to him, but what that is remains unknown. He had caught his daughter, Pamela, holding it in her hands, staring at it as if it were a movie screen a few times, and he acts very protective and takes it back instantly.

Emilliano thought it was about time his daughter got married, so he arranged it with his rich, elderly neighbor Marvin. Marvin was a good man and had a very beautiful house, with an indoor and outdoor swimming pool. His garage was soo full of expensive cars, he had to park them in Emilliano's garage aswell as his own. Emilliano was unaware that his daughter was 3 months pregnant, and she hated the idea she had to get married to another guy and leave her soon to be baby father.

Pamela told her boyfriend Lewis about the arranged marrige and how her father was strict and is going to make sure this marrige will happen. She told Lewis about the man she is due to marry and it came as a shock to Lewis as the man was his uncle. His wife recently left him as she fell in love with another man and moved to Australlia with him. Pamela arranged dinner with the 2 of them and Emilliano where they would break the news to him. Lewis came to the house with his friend just incase Emilliano went furious and lashed out on Lewis.

Lewis, well mannered, and respectfully sat down and told Pamela's father the situation they were in. It appears both Pamela and Lewis were mistaken to how Emilliano would react, he did exactly the opposite of what they thought he would do, as he jumped up with excitement and hugged them both. Emilliano ran upstairs to get the ring he cared so much about, only to discover it had dissappeared, and so did Lewis's friend. Later that day Lewis tracked down his un-trustworthy friend and confronted him about the ring. His friend apologized and gave it back straight away. Lewis gives it back to Emilliano, and then it's given back to him to put on Pamela's finger at their wedding.

The End

Monday, 19 December 2011

MDA1300 - Paranormal Activity Scene Recreation

In this assignment we had to choose a scene from a film, up to 3 minutes long, and shoot an identical version. This included finding all the identical props, same actors, same dialogue, and further more. Personally i think this shoot went rather well, considering we was shooting till 1 in the morning as one location did not work so we had to go on a recky and find a new location.