Monday, 14 November 2011

MDA1800 - Assignment 2

Task - Identify an episode in a film, which you think aligns with an event in Campbell's The Hero's Journey.

Zack and Miri make a porno, written and directed by Kevin Smith, is a film about two best friends (Seth Rogen & Elizibeth Banks) who are living together and encounter financial problems. I think the film is very humorous and the director uses the storyline to his advantage as he shows the fun side to a struggle in life, which at one point, everyone goes through. So, the call to adventure is when Zack and Miri get overwhelmed by all the unpaid bills sitting on their kitchen counter and realise their day jobs aren't enough. A friend of an old friend has a conversation with Zack about his job, which is a gay porn actor. Zack proposes the idea of making porn with Miri and then selling it to pay off their bills. Miri agrees, and the rest is history.

(I Didn't get in all the notes from the class and have not yet purchased the book for this module, sorry for the short essay)

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