Tuesday, 28 February 2012

MDA1400 - Observational Documentary

This is our completed video of our second assignment for MDA1400. We was asked to make an observational documentary and this is what me (Producer) and my partner Andreas (Director) came up with. This assignment was turned down at first as we discovered observational documentary's can't be edited in a way where the video is changed. For example, my partner and i made some scenes speed up, we also put a soundtrack on it. This made it more like a music video instead of an observational documentary. From this assignment i learnt that an observational documentary can be anything that observes live actions. This means the video would not have actors or staged actions in it, because this then takes out the realism of it. Our video is an observational documentary as we do not have any actors, also we are observing an everyday occurrences with a meaning to it, showing the viewers the reliability and problems with automatic doors.


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