Friday, 3 February 2012

MDA1400 - Space Video

This is our first assignment for our new module MDA1400 and we had to create a one minute video about space. MDA1400 is in groups of two's instead of 4, and i partnered up with Eddy (Producer) and i was the director. When we was given this assignment we instantly came up with ideas and make a final decision on one. Eddy suggested we do a videography, which i thought was a great idea as it's very visual and help to get information across. So, as my role as director, i wrote up a script and sent it to Eddy, where he reviewed it and we began editing. I like this video, not only because i made it, but because it looks professional to me, like something that would be seen on television or online advertisements. During the course of this project, i learned alot about the software used to make this video (after effects) and also, during research, i learned good ways to get a message across to an audience, and realized you don't always need camera shots and sound in a film.


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