Thursday, 26 January 2012

MDA1300 - Short Film Project

Our last assignment for MDA1300 was to make a short film no more than 5 minutes, my group and i did so, and personally, i think it was a great success. We managed to do all of the filming over 2 day, editing it took a bit longer. Our story was basically about a young girl, who was kidnapped from her country, and brought to the U.K to work as a slave for a wealthy family. A neighbor notices the young girl always doing housework for the family and never goes to school or socializes, so she begins to investigate and find out her story. In doing so, the young girl told her everything, and the neighbor said she will get help, and by the time the help arrives, the young girl commits suicide. Sad i know, but this makes our film more serious and emotional towards everyone really, as the point of our movie is to raise awareness about child slavery in the U.K, and that it needs to be brought to a stop.

My role on this project was the camera man, i have been the camera man on previous projects aswell but i feel this one went much better than the others. Reason being i think of myself to be more experienced and motivated to produce good work. I had a great team and everyone put in all their effort and made the film shoots exciting and straight forward. We used actors we found off a website which advertises actors that are looking for work in short films, to give them experience and to go in their port folio. These actors made our film superb, as their acting skills were really good and they helped portray the genre of the film really well.

This project could not of gone any better, it has brought me and the team together and deepened our relationship. We have all walked away with new experiences, and inspiration to continue making masterpieces.

P.S - The editing is going through some final stages, so once completed, i will have the finished film, on a post on my page very soon.

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