Thursday, 26 January 2012

MDA1800 - Macbeth Retelling

Mac Williams was an employee at a well known law firm in the city of London. After coming out of a meeting, him and his executive assistant, (also close friend, Benny Quill) recieved an e-mail from what seemed to be a defendant in need of legal aid, asking the pair to meet with him so they may discuss the details of his court case. Mac and Benny arrive at the coffee shop they'd agreed to meet at, and they saw a man standing up waving them over. The man had a suspicious look about him, and he was also accompanied by 2 other gentlemen, that instantly gave Mac the impression this meeting wasnt what he had been led to believe.

Mac and Benny sit down and introduce themselves to the three gormless looking men, where they were then silenced by one of the three mens rude hand gesture. The man sitting in the middle began to talk about how he has forseen Mac being promoted in his line of work, and then becoming leader of the law firm. Also that his close companion Benny, would also move up in the line of business. The man told Mac that to make these events take action, he must kill the current leader of the law firm, instantly, that struck Mac with many thoughts. Being that the current leader is old and in Mac's eyes is useless, so killing him would mean no great deal. The three men, then get up and leave, nothing but confused eyes on Mac and Benny's faces.

They then depart and Mac goes home. When he walks through the front door, he gets a earfull from his unsatisfied, and purposly annoying wife. The reason for this is because she wants to have kids, and Mac told her from the first time she asked that he wants to wait until he's at a comfortable position in his job before he plans to have new borns. He tells her about the strange meeting and what the three men had said to him. She then tells him to go through with it and murder his boss so then he can achieve more and set things right at home. She demmands he does it instantly as it's better than doing it early, than waiting till the boss dies from natural causes.

Later that night, Mac comes home, looking frieghtened and full of anger. He told his wife what he had done and how he done it. He had suffocated the old man and then cleaned the scene to leave no trace of his own pressence. Within a matter of days, the man's predication came true and Mac had gotten a call informing him of his promotion, but also recieved bad news about the death of his close friend Benny, he had unfortuneatly been able to overcome a heart attack. Mac then starts seeing ghosts, so straight away he e-mails the man from the coffee shop and demands to talk to him again.

The man told him that he must beware, fellow co-worker Morris, the one man who had objections regarding Macs promotion. Also the man told him that he cannot be harmed by any man born to woman, that made Mac feel relieved and superior. Mac had heard a rumour in the office that Morris had moved away to USA, he had remembered what the man told him so he had Morris's wife and child assasinated by a trained hitman. Morris heard the news and swears vengence on Mac, knowing he had a hand in this from all the hate messages regarding his objection to Macs promotion. Marlon, (Macs bosses son) had heard this news and had arranged to meet with Morris and for them to kill Mac and his wife.

Mac phones his wife and tells her the news, instructs her to lock the doors and stay inside, and that he will be home shortly. By the time he reaches home, he finds his wifes dead body and a bottle of prescription pills. It seemed she could not cope with all the death and death to come. Mac then is struck with sadness and heartbreak. Then, the front door bursts into pieces, followed by Morris and Marlon, they approach Mac, and with no talking at all, Morris shoots him in the head. Marlon is then given leadership over his fathers law firm.


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