Saturday, 28 January 2012

MDA1400 - Film Language & Production 2

In our workshop lesson we was introduced to our new module, entitled: MDA1400 - Film language & production 2. Personally i think it was one of the best lessons i've been to since i started uni. My reason for thinking that, is because we learned about the different kind of films there are. By saying different kind, i don't mean the genres, i mean type. Such as:

  • Commercials
  • Corporate 
  • Documentary
  • Music Videos
I was glad to finally be informed of all the other opportunities out there in the industry, instead of everyone's ambition to be on the same thing, which is most probably Hollywood. This lesson has surely motivated me alot and can't wait to get ideas and put them on the screen.

Also, we got our first assignment for this module, and it is to create a 1 minute video, about our interpretation of the word 'space' and what it means to us. Sounds pretty challenging as the topic requires alot of thought, but i think whatever my partner and i produce, will be great. This module is going to be in groups of two, instead of a larger group like the previous module. This will be a bit harder but, it's preparing us for the real world and we will learn alot about the different roles and responsibilities in film. 

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