Friday, 3 February 2012

MDA1300 - Antisocial Networking (Continuity Project)

This assignment was to show that we learnt the importance of continuity. We was asked to make a short video and make sure all the cuts are matched, each movement and any dialogue. My role was the cameraman and i was working alongside Yousef (producer), Ahmed (director), and Stephen (Audio). This shoot went really well, apart from the issue of the weather changing so we had to make a new idea and change location. The location we shot this video at, had alot of pedestrians walking past the camera or making noise nearby, so as you could imagine we had to re-shoot many scenes over and over. Overall i believe this task enabled us to understand the importance of continuity and how it effects a movie or video. Since we made this video, continuity has always been a thing for me to look out in future productions.


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