Tuesday, 24 April 2012

MDA1400 - Dre Beats Commercial

This is a commercial, advertising the well known headphones, Dre Beats. I was the director for this project and my partner produced it. My partner came up with the idea and i instantly recommended we use a friend of mine, he's a music producer. This way our advert can focus on one main type of audience, which would be music producers. The music in the video was made by the producer we used, and the studio we filmed in was the one in our university. Overall, we didn't encounter any major problems or set backs. Once we came up with a detailed idea, it was a smooth path from there. I believe i have increased my knowledge of the directing role, and feel that my skills are improving. I am beginning to feel more comfortable and confident when being a director, so watch out for my future projects. Enjoy

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