Sunday, 15 April 2012

MDA1800 - Novelistic Narratives

On the 07:57 train, going from New cross gate to Croydon, a drunken man begins to cause a ruckus. Each carriage on the train can hold up to 50 passengers, but there were only 8 passengers at the time, due to the time of day. The drunken man was being aggressive and shouting out abusive language. The person sitting closest to this drunkard was a young woman, judging by her shaking hands and lack of eye contact she was very scared. The person sitting behind her amazingly was fast asleep with what seemed to be very expensive headphones on. The third person looked fearless and almost eager for the alcohol influenced man to start something with him so then he may release his rage and put a stop to all the noise. A ticket inspector was standing by the doors to go from carriage to carriage and seemed unsure whether to check the tickets in this carriage, instead he rushed to a different carriage once the drunken man’s voice had risen. There was also a couple on the train, which looked like they were a match made in heaven, as they took no notice of the disturbance and were engaged in the long kiss they had started since they got on the train. The last person, who was sitting at the end of the carriage, was a scruffy looking university student. He seemed to be documenting what was happening on the train, as he kept rising his head to observe, then dropped it back into his note book, simultaneously writing.

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